Manuscript Submission Period

Monto Books is taking manuscript and proposal submissions for ONE DAY ONLY on July 18th, from 7-9pm at Cafe Blackbird in Edmonton. Any manuscript dropped off in person will be read and responded to by Monto Books. Some things to keep in mind:

1. It's best to become familiar with Monto Books titles and upcoming titles as well as find out more about Monto and its mission at the upcoming Meet Monto event. Edmonton authors and/or Edmonton stories is what we're searching for primarily.

2. Feel free to bring in your entire manuscript in physical form or USB drive. At least 30 pages will be read and responded to.

3. If you have a proposal for a project not yet completed or still in progress you can feel free to submit your proposal along with writing samples. Up to 30 pages will be read. 

4. Submissions will only be accepted at our Meet Monto event for the time being. We encourage you to attend if you can, at the very least to drop your manuscript off in person. We may open up to online submissions in the future.

5. You may submit poetry, fiction, or non-fiction manuscripts or anything in between.