Meet Monto Books

On Tuesday, July 18th, (7-9pm) Monto is holding a ‘Meet Monto’ event. At Cafe Blackbird, Edmonton book lovers will have a chance to meet Monto authors Janice MacDonald and Chad Huculak and also be the first to hear about its newest project that will be released later this year. Project Compass is a unique approach to a novel that has never before been attempted. It tells the story of four different characters, each traversing Edmonton from a different corner of the city map.

There’s one last thing that is happening at this Meet Monto event and it is a first for Monto and perhaps any publisher in Edmonton. For the first time ever, Monto Books will be accepting manuscripts in person. Any author who brings in their manuscript to this event on July 18th will have their manuscript read and responded to by Monto Books. We are looking for new projects to publish in 2018 and beyond. Edmonton authors and/or Edmonton stories are our main focus. Think of this event as an open casting call to find the next Monto Books authors.